Elektrolyt-Salbe S:
For healing of skin injuries

  • Promotes wound healing
  • Reduces swelling
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces scarring
  • Prevents infections

Optimal wound healing with NAWA® MEDICAL Elektrolyt-Salbe S

Für kleine Verletzungen


Bei Verbrennungen der Haut

1st and 2nd
degree burns

Für Blutergüsse und Schwellungen

and swellings

Nach der OP


Small injuries or burns can happen quickly and are part of everyday life. Whether in the household, garden, during sports or games, or even with increasing age. Scrapes, small cuts, bruises, sunburns or blisters happen again and again. With the right measures, you can support the natural healing process of the skin. Elektrolyt-Salbe S promotes this process and rapidly restores the necessary protective functions of the skin.

The Elektrolyt-Salbe S is used for adjusting an optimal physiological environment for healing of the skin after injuries or surgeries.

Under normal conditions, wound healing takes place at an acidic pH-value. By creating such an environment, the healing process of minor injuries can be promoted. The unpleasant symptoms of the injury, such as pain, are relieved and swelling is reduced. The formation of new tissue is supported and the risk of scarring is reduced.

Closed injuries, such as bruises or edema also benefit from such treatment.


With advancing age, the barrier function of the skin is increasingly limited and the skin’s ability to regenerate gradually decreases. At the same time, the risk of suffering damage even from trivial incidents increases. The smallest of injuries and hematomas are almost inevitable companions of this development. The skin becomes less durable and reacts more sensitive to external influences. The skin becomes thinner, drier, itches quickly and loses its elasticity. It becomes easily vulnerable and susceptible, The natural healing process slows down. Eczema and inflammations occur more frequently over the years. However, skin problems can also be caused or amplified by the intake of medication.

The Elektrolyt-Salbet S supports the stabilization and regeneration of the skin barrier.

If such support begins early, symptoms can be alleviated quickly and complications can be avoided. An enormously important point is the support of the skin’s natural pH-value. Physiologically this values lies in the acidic range at around 5.5. With age, however, the pH-value increases and brings with it the consequences we just explained.

Elektrolyt-Salbe S is ideal for stabilizing or lowering
the skin’s pH-value.

This belongs in every Medicine Cabinet:

NAWA MEDICAL Elektrolyt-Salbe S, Wundreinigungsspray und Wundspray für Ihre Hausapotheke.

NAWA® MEDICAL Elektrolyt-Salbe S – well established for decades. Use in combination with the Wound Cleansing Spray for cleansing heavily contaminated or coated wounds or with the Wound Spray for quick mechanical cleansing of injuries. The perfect solution for minor open wounds.